Kyler Murray knew Hail Mary had a good chance when he let it go


Before tonight, Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray had never connected on a Hail Mary, at any level of the sport. With the game against the Bills on the line, Murray made it happen with a long throw to receiver DeAndre Holpkins.

Murray spoke to PFT by phone after the 32-30 win about the memorable throw and catch.

“I definitely thought it had a chance when I let it go,” Murray said. “Just the feeling of it. When I rolled out, the play was designed to roll out to the left, [I] had to make somebody miss then just give the best shooter in the league a chance. And he came down with the ball. . . . I knew when I let it go, I think I was facing the sideline after I let it go, so I’m literally looking at my teammates. But I knew when I let it go, I thought it had a good chance. Every quarterback kind of has that feeling when you let it go whether it’s good or not. Like I said, it felt good, and it went in.”

Indeed it did. He said they practice it every week, but not against a defense. They needed it today, and it pushed the Cardinals into a three-way tie with the Rams and Seahawks for first place in the NFC West.

On Thursday night, the Cardinals and Seahawks play again. Earlier this year, they had a classic that consumed nearly all 10 minutes of overtime, before the Cardinals won.